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About Me

Tiffany Y. Barreau, known to many as Tiffany B., was born and raised in Newark, NJ. She was led to Hampton University, VA where she obtained a BS in Biology before obtaining her MS in Healthcare Management from Rutgers University.

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She holds a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from Cornell University. Tiffany B. has worked in the healthcare field as a Certified Neurophysiologist for 15 years providing the opportunity to hold a variety of leadership roles which lead her on the journey of being a Consultant, Strategist, and Serial Entrepreneur. She is the Owner of Tiffany Barreau, LLC and Neurophysiology with Tiffany B., LLC.

For passion and purpose, Tiffany B. became an ICF Certified Life Coach specializing in Mindset & Accountability. She is the Owner of Living Intentionally with Tiffany B., LLC, *SBE and MWBE Certified.


Tiffany currently resides in Northern NJ where she was born and raised. When she is not Coaching, Consulting, Strategizing, or Speaking she is intentionally spending quality time with her husband and son while owning & operating Cold Stone Creamery of Union, NJ together, enjoying time with family and close friends, or taking moments to rest and recharge, enabling her to show up as a better version of herself every single day.

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Tiffany B. started her expansive career in Neurophysiology in 2009 directly out of Hampton University. After initial training in Atlanta, GA she was sent to Tulane University, NOLA having no idea how the specialty health science profession would shape the rest of her life. Now, with 15 years of experience in the field of Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring.


Tiffany has used her expertise to train over 40 Neurophysiologists within the last decade. She has also traveled and worked in facilities all over the east coast spanning from Buffalo, NY to Pensacola, FL, Dallas, TX and even Portland, OR providing neurologic monitoring services in over 200+ operating rooms and monitoring well over 2500+ surgical procedures.

Tiffany B. continues to work in the operating room in a per diem capacity as an independent contractor.

Neurophysiology with Tiffany B., LLC was established for Coaching, Training, and Quality Assurance purposes

to support individuals and organizations within

the field of Neurophysiology.  


The Intentional Coach

For passion and purpose, Tiffany B. is the Owner & Founder of a Certified Small Business and Minority Woman Owned Business, Living Intentionally with Tiffany B., LLC.  This is a  faith-based coaching and women’s empowerment company supporting women of color on their journey to positively shift their mindset. The company encourages women to stop living on autopilot and start living intentionally in order to become a better version of themselves and live a more fulfilled life. Living Intentionally is not just a phrase, it is a lifestyle!

Extensions of Living Intentionally with Tiffany B. are the Intentional Woman Power Experience (group coaching),the Intentional Woman Membership Community, and the Living Intentionally Podcaston all platforms.


The Consultant

Combining skill set, and educational background along with coaching expertise Tiffany B. founded Tiffany Barreau, LLC which  is the culmination of decades of work experience and higher-level education neatly packaged into a boutique Coaching & Consulting firm.

The Public Speaker

Tiffany B. loves to speak around the topics of Mindset and Living an Intentional Life because it has changed the trajectory of her life. Also, to uplift and encourage those from all ages & walks of life, Tiffany B. shares her journey in STEM and Healthcare and full time entrepreneurship.

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  • Mindset

  • Living Intentionally

  • Neurophysiology


  • Workshops & Webinars

  • Strategy Sessions

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  • Health Sciences

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Living Intentionally

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Living Intentionally with Tiffany B

Living Intentionally with Tiffany B is a faith-based coaching and women's empowerment company supporting women on their journey to and through positive mindset shifts allowing them to stop living on autopilot and start living intentionally in order to become the best version of themselves and live a more fulfilled life.

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